Updates and Stories about pest control.

Tips on what to do when your home or office space is infested by pests

1. Remove any clutter from around the office and close off any drafty areas with screens. 2. Use an air purifier in your home or …

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Pest Summit 2018 at Shenzhen China

It is always our best practice to be aligned with the global market with regard to pest management. Pest Control Industry around the world has …

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Termite Protection before Move In

We would like to share some final service treatments before home owner move in. After all the soil treatments on the pre-construction stage of the …

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Dengue: How do we control it?

Controlling the Dengue Mosquito Carrier should not just be a defense now that it is a hot topic, It has to be our way of life.

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Cockroaches: Do You want them all Dead?

Is there resurrection for these creatures? Do they come back from the dead?

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Do you have a Never Ending Termite Problem?

Have you spent time, money and headaches with Termite problems? Did you experience having Termites again and again and again….. Have you Applied chemicals, or …

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No Toxicity, Safe and Chemical Free Termite Elimination

Termite Control vs Termite Elimination Traditional Termite Control involves chemicals, which homeowners are required to vacate the house for some time to allow the treatment …

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We are truly delighted to add Value to this Lovely Home

It is truly our pleasure to add Value to this Lovely Home. The design of this house really amazed us, it is no question that …

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We are Proud to be partnered to maintain this Opulent Space

This Hotel contracted with Zero Pest, we are proud to be part of maintaining it to the highest program available from our end. Zero Odor, …

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