an advanced, targeted solution for protecting your home. Our comprehensive approach includes a meticulous inspection, cutting-edge treatments, and personalized prevention strategies. We go beyond extermination, offering you knowledge to fortify your home against future infestations. Choose proactive defense with our Termite Elimination Program and ensure a resilient foundation for your peace of mind.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Signs of Termite Infestation

-Rotting wood and sawdust

-Presence of mud-like material which lines the galleries in an irregular pattern.

-Damaged carpets, wallpapers, and card boxes

-Hollow-sounding walls and floors.

-Mud Tunnels: Subterranean termites maintain their headquarters in the ground and build “mud tubes”, pencil-size, that connect the nest (moisture) to the food source (wood). The tunnels may contain broken mud particles with fecal materials.

-Swarmers: The appearance of a swarm of what you would call “flying ants”,especially near light sources This indicates a nest may be near. A “swarm” is a group of adult male and female reproductives that leave their nest to establish a new colony. Swarming occurs when a colony reaches a certain size.

-Piles of wings: The shed wings of swarmers indicate termites have entered their next phase of development

-Damaged wood: Wood may appear crushed at structural bearing points. Termite damaged wood resonates with a dull thud (hollow sound)when tapped with a hammer. Pick and probe the surface of an infested piece of wood with a pen knife and you will find tunnels running parallel to the wood’s grain.

What to do if and when I see termites in my House?

When it comes to protecting homes like yours, nobody does it better than ZERO PEST. Our Pest Management Specialists are trained to know your problem inside and out. Call Zero Pest! Do not disturb or touch anything that may cause termites to abandon the site where they are and go somewhere. It will be much easier to resolve termite infestation if they have not infested other areas in your house.

The Pest Management Specialist will inspect all areas of your house and will provide an Inspection report. We will educate you as to how we should resolve your termite infestation. We will provide you with the scope of work and details on how our treatments should work on eliminating termites in your house.

Will it all be gone after the treatment?

We should never put our guards down. What we are dealing with is something very small but very powerful in destroying our properties. This is the main reason why we have a warranty of 24 months with quarterly inspections. This is to provide you with the long-term resolution not a fix to the problem.

What if I don’t have termites in my house but I want my house to be treated?

There are only two kinds of houses: one that has termites, and one that will soon have. If that is the case, you are indeed searching for protection prevention against termite infestation; and we are certain that we will be able to give you that protection! The Pest Management Specialist still comes into your house; we conduct the same procedure. We set high standards in protecting your house with or without infestation, we are very cautious in dealing with termites. So, we make sure that you are safe and well protected with us!

The most common Termite treatment available is the traditional termite control which is the application of liquid termiticide to the site and structure. This type of treatment will kill worker termites but leaves the Queen Colony alive. Given that situation, the Queen Colony will send new worker termites on the other parts of the structure. Then, you would have to apply Liquid termiticide again, this cycle will just keep on going until you realize that what you are doing is truly termite control but not Termite Elimination. The Goal is to eliminate the source where termites are coming from. Eliminating Termite colonies will surely clear out termite infestation in your House.

If and when there is Live termites we simply conduct baiting system, which does not kill the worker termites, we rather use the worker termites since they are the only one who can go back to their queen colony. Our bait is certainly palatable to them, which they will feed on instead of the wood parts of the house. Worker termite will then bring the bait to the Queen Colony; while they enjoy the bait it slowly kills them. Once Queen Colony is eliminated, there will be no more source of new worker termites to the site or structure.

No waste of time, no waste of money . . . . . . Problem Resolved!

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