Pest Summit 2018 at Shenzhen China

It is always our best practice to be aligned with the global market with regard to pest management. Pest Control Industry around the world has been growing every year, and there are new equipments, chemicals and other methods to manage pest problems, and we make sure we are updated with all of these things.

This year 2018, we attended the Pest Summit convention at Shenzhen China. It is the biggest Pest Summit Convention we have attended, from local suppliers and pest control companies alone are already half the number of the total attendees.  You will not be able to absorb which equipment is best at your first day, because there are too many options and very hard to decide. Chemicals, name it, they all have it.  From branded to generic, it is just amazing, all available.  But the best part is the biggest companies were all present. Actually, suppliers exceeded our expectations, there are equipments and machines that are app-based, can be controlled by a Phone. Suppliers have gone up to their level that they are now offering systems that would make things easy for both Pest Control Companies and Customers.

The Biggest and the Best.  Even the biggest customer property can be served with the best equipment available on this Convention. Hectares and Acres of land can be accessed with the drone customized for pest management. It is just amazing.

Break Time. This is one of the biggest Halls, there are different sessions on different halls with different schedules, it is really up to you which sessions you want. All very informative but the best I can say are the ones that are conducted by of course Biggest companies from the industry.

UBER-Pest, Possible or Impossible. From my point of view, it is very unlikely, since, pest control technicians’ job involves critical thinking and safety, but who knows.

We visited the booth of our Supplier from Australia, which we have to admit is one of the most expensive in the market but the best when it comes to Light traps and Outdoor Bug zappers.

Yes, It is still them. With all the light traps and Outdoor equipments, we are still with the best……

It is a four day convention, on the last day was a Certification day for AIB IPM, which I can say is one of the major highlights since almost all would want one for sure.

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