Say goodbye to unwanted intruders with our General Pest Control services. We specialize in creating pest-free environments tailored to your needs. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to eliminate and prevent a wide range of pests, ensuring a pest-resistant sanctuary for your home or business. Trust us to safeguard your space, so you can enjoy peace of mind without the unwanted guests.
Customized according to your needs, this package includes any of the services Spray Pest, Mist Pest, Rat-Away, Fog Pest and Perimeter Defense System

Spray Pest

A residual spraying for the control of all crawling insects, residual spraying through the use of a synthetic insecticide shall be carried out in the premises. This residual insecticide will provide long lasting control and continue to act for several days, weeks or months. This spraying also has flushing effect. Application, using a Professional Sprayers, will be on places and areas where insects congregate, crawl and hide or through cracks and crevices from which they may enter.

Mist Pest

A comprehensive treatment by indoor application through misting with the use of a B&G Flex-a-lite and an environment friendly insecticide against flying and crawling insects. This is necessary for the immediate knockdown of flying and crawling pests inside the building. A fine, almost invisible mist is dispensed and is airborne for about 30 minutes.

Fog Pest

Fogging of premises using a Fogging Machine has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for the control of all flying insects. It continues to act for several hours but does not have any residual reaction. It kills pest during exposure period, but once aerated, the chemical leaves no residual deposits or harmful residues, which makes the treated areas subject to immediate re-infestations.

Rat Away

Will be using a bait system that will make rodents take it to their comfort zone and make them look for water after eating it. They get thirsty and would usually go to drainage for water. This saves us time to clean up deceased rodents.

Perimeter defense system

Residual or non-residual spraying around the house.

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