Protect your investment with our Post-Construction Termite Control. Even after the dust settles, termites can pose a threat. Our specialized services create a robust defense system, targeting existing infestations and fortifying your property against future attacks. Safeguard your space, ensure longevity, and enjoy peace of mind with our expert post-construction termite control solutions. Because a lasting foundation deserves lasting protection.

Sub-slab Termiticide Applications

This is the integration of termiticide solution along all existing walls inside the ground floor to create an effective barrier. Spacing between drilled holes varies from 12” to 24? depending on the soil type and moisture. If necessary, holes are drilled on one side of partition walls and on both sides of load bearing walls. Holes are drilled 1/2” to 3/4” in diameter in the slab and deep enough to penetrate the slab.

Pest Foam

Expands to reach areas that liquid termiticide miss (i.e. areas surrounding pipes);coats the underside of the slab and extends outward to penetrate termite mud tubes.

Wood Drenching

Application of termiticide solution with surfactant (substance which increases the wetting property, penetration and distribution of the termiticide solution) on the wooden members of the structure including the structure’s wooden trusses, baseboards, door casings, wooden cabinets, etc. using Sprayer/Injector and power sprayer. This serves as curative and preventive measure to control termites thereby prolonging the materials life strength.

Trenching Method/Soil Injection/Perimeter Soil Termiticide Application

This is the application of termiticide into the trench to form a continuous chemical barrier against termites. A trench is dug around the perimeter of the structure. The trench measures six inches deep, six inches wide and angled in toward the foundation. As the termiticide is applied backfilling is immediately done to facilitate mixing of soil and termiticide.

Baiting Program

Use of Sentricon Colony Elimination System.

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