Cockroaches: Do You want them all Dead?

You have Killed them, but they are BACK!

Have you ever wondered why are these cockroaches keep on coming back to your house?

Is there resurrection for these creatures? Do they come back from the dead?

The answer is No No No! They actually do not come back to your house nor come back from being dead. The ones that you have killed, is surely dead. But the simple reason why they are still here is because there are new ones that are able to come in your house. How? Because you have entry points, you have breeding grounds, you have harbourage areas. You can always kill them, but if and when you still have these factors mentioned, you will still see them often.


Below is an example of the tile grout that is open, cockroaches safe keep their eggs on areas like this. So when the new ones crack out, they will be out there again.

Open Drain, this is very well a source of cockroach infestation. This an entry point from their comfort zone. A close drain will not guarrantee that cockroaches will not be able to access from  it, but what more for an open drain.

These open ceiling will definitely invite them to access our office or our home, make certain that this will be all closed, and properly sealed.

More often than not, killing the cockroach is easy, but eliminating them from our eyes on our homes can be hard if we do not know where they are coming from.

The best way to get rid of them is kill them but you have to make sure that you do not have these factors for them to re-enter our homes. To Kill them does not equate to eliminating them, eliminating them means Zero Out the source of infestation.

Protect your Home and Family, Stay Clean and Safe!

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