In today’s world, a thorough and consistent disinfection regimen is non-negotiable. Our program goes beyond the ordinary, employing advanced techniques and top-tier disinfectants to create an exceptionally sanitized environment. Whether it’s your home, office, or any shared space, our intensified approach ensures a deep, lasting defense against harmful pathogens. Prioritize health and safety with our specialized Intensified Disinfection Program—a commitment to a cleaner, healthier, and more secure living and working environment.

Intensified Disinfection Program

is a service to combat Bacteria and Viruses, this is to avoid outbreak of coughs, colds, sore eyes and other diseases brought by bacteria and viruses through SPRAYING and MISTING.

Indoor application of a very powerful disinfectant which kills major pathogens such as virus, bacteria and fungi that are known to be harmful to man.

Space & Surface Sanitizing

How to minimize the risk
Sanitizer & Equipment
Pre-Treatment preparation
Actual Treatment

How to minimize the risk?

Wash Hands
Use Hand Sanitizer
Thorough Disinfection of frequently touched
Routine cleaning & sanitizing to the environment
Get Vaccination (If available)
Space Treatment / Sanitizing with Sanitizer proven against Covid-19

Prevent the spread of disease

Minimize the risk of common influenza & other air- borne disease outbreak
Protect employees, students and family members from illness or disease outbreak
Maintaining a health and safe environment
Against Coronaviruses (2019-nCoV)

Sanitizer & Equipment

Virkon Rely On
Effective against most bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast & virus especially Coronaviruses*
Odorless/mild odor deodorizing solution Full face mask/half face + goggle
Treatment Certificate Misting Machine/UVL Machine

Benefits of Space & Surface Sanitizing

Sanitize less accessible surfaces after the routine cleaning or surface sanitizing
Comprehensive coverage make all areas Bac-free and safe
Air circulating in the environment will be sanitized and disinfected
Minimize the exposure of unfavorable air to your employees, students and family members

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