Building a solid foundation starts with protection. Introducing our Pre-Construction Termite Control—an essential shield against silent threats. Our expert team integrates termite prevention seamlessly into your construction process, ensuring your new space is fortified from the start. Don’t let termites compromise your investment; choose proactive defense with our specialized pre-construction services and build with confidence.
One-time application of termiticide solution on footings, foundations, floorings, and outside perimeter walls via power sprayer to create a barrier between your property and termites to prevent them from entering.

Soil treatment for building under construction is coordinated with the construction of the building without any lossof time or delay in the construction. Treatment starts with the application of thchemical to the excavation of the footings, treatment of the backfill of these footings as the whole is gradually filledup, and finally as an overall treatment of the floor area after the fill hasbeen made and leveled before the concrete slab ispouredon.

If underground cables are present, chemical is applied on the soil cable bedbefore cable is laid and after cable has been covered by one foot of soil.Use of a properly calibrated power sprayer and soil rodder to insure proper distribution and correct rate of application of the chemical.

Soil Poisoning Before Pouring of Flooring

For overall treatment, apply 4 liters of the termiticide solution per square meter of slab foundation. Spraying must be done when the foundation bed has been completed and ready for pouring of concrete. In critical areas such as openings for utility pipes, ducts, conduits, etc., additional 4 liters of the termiticide solution must be applied per linear meter.For exterior perimeter of this foundation bed or at the side of the wall, an additional 5 liters of termiticide solution will be applied per linear meter.

Foundation and basement walls

Apply the termiticide solution at the rate specified by the termiticide manufacturer near the level of the bottom trench or near the top of the footing before any soil backfill is placed. Coordinating closely with construction to apply the termiticide solution for every 0.3 meter of depth of backfill until grade is reached.


At the time soil treatment is to be done, the soil to be treated shall be in friable condition or at sufficiently low moisture content to allow a uniform distribution and proper penetration to the soil. Application should not be made immediately after heavy rain. The termiticide solution shall be applied as a coarse spray to provide a uniform distribution of termiticide solution on the soil surface. The termiticide solution shall be applied at least two (2) hours prior to placement of concrete which will be in contact to the treated material.

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