Sustainable Pest Management Solutions

It is already a given that chemicals provide us solutions to a lot of problems in our everyday routine. It is available in every basic daily activity we are involved in.


With Pest Control, service treatments are usually the answer to Pest problems. Service treatments surely involve chemicals. But with Zero Pest, it is always our best practice that service treatments is only one component to maintain a Pest free environment. Our Pest Management always involves Inspection & Monitoring before the actual service treatment. Our actions should always have less chemical impact to human beings, living organisms and most specially the environment.


It is certainly True that chemicals help us resolve pest problem, but we can always resolve pest issue and be pest free by other pest management methods. One of best methods is to avoid infestation; prevention is always better than cure. This method is a thorough assessment of the site- detailed information dissemination, a documented recommendation, and a monitored implementation of action plans.

This Pest Management Method is clearly chemical free, chemicals will only be involve if and when there is already a need for the service treatment which will only be required on a certain level of pest infestation. If and when the site is maintained to a normal level and a pest free environment, there will be no massive treatments involved and no chemical exposure but guaranteed solution was provided. No waste of time & no waste of money and an Eco-friendly solution by Zero Pest.


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