Zero Pest Protection Program

It has been always the mindset of every individual that pest control service will eliminate pest infestation right away. It is always our goal to prevent them before they actually infest back in our site.


Our Zero Pest Protection Program eliminates and prevents pest infestation.

The actual pest control service eliminates present pest on the site. But the sad truth about it, that won’t be enough to avoid re-infestation. We may be able to control the present pest, but we should keep in mind that what we are dealing with involves life, there is reproduction, life cycle, that sooner or later if and when pests have already laid eggs on the site, there will be new ones infesting our structure.

Given this situation, we have Monitoring, Inspections & Spot treatment on the site.

This will help us determine if and when there are new enemies developing on the site. This also helps us in our goal to minimize chemical exposure to the site.


With the Zero Pest Protection Program, it is our best practice to provide pest solutions with minimized chemical exposure. How we do it?

Instead of doing the monthly massive monthly service, it is our best value of providing you technicians that would asses the area with regard to the level of pest infestation, this way, we will be able to determine if there is a need for massive treatment or simply maintain the site to spot treatments (those area where the source of infestation is coming from).  Even for those customers with annual contract of monthly pest control visits should not worry about chemical exposure.


Our Zero Pest Protection Program is systematicallycreated to maximize results with less chemical exposure. Our simple secret to this program is the technicians ability to determine the level of infestation through our monitoring and inspection, and our ability to provide simplified non-toxic solutions to our customers.