List of Clients listed are some of the commercial and industrial facilities we maintain under our Zero Pest Protection Program. We also provide services to restaurants, churches, farms, residential villages and condominiums.

Aboitiz Power Corporation – Therma Mobile Inc.
Power Manufacturing/Distribution
Four barge-mounted floating power plants including their respective manufacturing facilities, workshop area and Admin Office are all Zero Pest Protected.

Caritas Health Shield
Health Insurance Company
The Main Building Office including their call centers, Health Clinics, Main Records Storage, Ambulance and 2 other satellite offices are Zero Pest Protected.

G Hotel by Waterfront Hotels
Luxury Hotel
The entire Hotel & Facilities are allZero Pest Protected.

IGSOL Commodities, Inc.
Oil Distributor
The Oil processing warehouse, Offices and stockrooms are Zero Pest Protected.

CHEMPHIL Group of Companies
Chemical Manufacturing Company
Office building and other warehouse facilities are Zero Pest Protected.

Metro Pacific Investment Corp.
Investment Corp.
Operation and Maintenance Facilities Offices and Employee staff house in Punta Fuego is Zero Pest Protected.

Prima Plastic Inc.
Food Plastic Manufacturer
Two manufacturing facilities and warehouses of commercial and industrial plastics are all Zero pest Protected.

TP Food Manufacturing Corp.
Cacao/ Chocolate Manufacturer/Exporter
3 Manufacturing facilities, 4 Warehouses, stockrooms, staff house and Admin office are all Zero Pest Protected.

Urology Center of the Philippines
Hospital/ Medical Center
The Hospital, clinic and specialty facilities are all Zero Pest Protected.

Wallem Philippines
Shipping Line Company
The Main office building including all office departments is Zero Pest Protected.

Chemical Research
Food Processing Company
Warehouses and operation area are all Zero Pest Protected.

The main office of Western Union is Zero Pest Protected

Easton Place Condominium
Luxury Residential Condominium in Makati.
All units and common area are Zero Pest Protected

Fitness First
All Fitness Clubs in the Philippines are Zero Pest Protected

Holy Family Hospital
The entire Hospital Building is Zero Pest Protected.

Holy Family College
The entire School Building is Zero Pest Protected.

Isetann Malls
Shopping Mall
All Isetann Branches, offices, department store, warehouses, stock area, grocery area are Zero Pest Protected.

Food Processing Company
Office, Stock Room, Warehouse are all Zero Pest Protected.

Pure Gold
Office, Warehouses and store facilities are Zero Pest Protected.

Monterey Meat Shop
Some Monterey Branches are Zero Pest Protected.

North Field Laboratories
Drug Manufacturing Company
Offices and Manufacturing Facility is Zero Pest Proected.

Sea Solutions
Office and Warehouses are Zero Pest Protected.

Unibag Polysack Corporation
Manufacturing of Plastic Packing
Office and Manufacturing facilities are Zero Pest Protected.


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