While you take care of your family, maintain food safety on your restaurant and focus on your core business, you can be worry free from Pest. Zero Pest specializes pest control services in the Philippines using state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate pest infestations. Zero Pest brings peace to life. It is intrinsic in us to provide solutions to your pest problems. Solutions is our business.

How we do it?
We achieve results by properly communicating to the customer about their problem. We do not just treat whatever pest you have, we inspect and provide inspection report to customers. We educate customers, how we can eliminate them. Solving pest problems requires cooperation with the customer, after our treatment we again provide service report with recommendations on how to avoid the same infestation.

It is often confusing determining the goal of the customer with regard to pest management. The goal of the customer is usually what they want to happen, but it is actually the need that will resolve their problem. So we are here to educate you with what is best for your pest problems, we get your wants aligned with your needs, no waste of time, no waste of money, we get them resolved!


To be the preferred pest control service provider in the country by educating its customers with the use of advanced technology and tools in battling against PEST to CHANGE the fledging image of the industry.


We will strive to be the market leader in the industry and to earn an adequate profit, which is required for the company to grow.


We are committed to:
– Continuously strive for the attainment of a pest free environment by being knowledgeable about pest biology and habits to enable us to develop and deliver the most effective and responsible treatment programs for residential, industrial, and commercial establishments.

– Provide after-sales services to make sure that the treatment is working effectively and to answer any questions that the customer may have.

– Have the best training program in the industry for its personnel in order to keep abreast with the latest technology in combating pest problems.

– Find ways to contribute to the professional and personal development of every individual in our company.


Core Values
To have a reputation as a valuable and trusted leader in the industry whose every member is a person of discipline, honesty, loyalty, integrity, respect to other, and empowered.